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Our History

On September 23, 1998 the first Water Stop cashless vending kiosk was introduced to the public. The concept was simple enough; just take the idea of "fill your own" water sales out of the realm of limited store hours and make this needed service available 24/7, holidays included. Over the years there have been coin operated vending machines in existence, but this does not really represent a viable solution. Coin mechanisms jam, the customer doesn't have the correct change, or the machine has been tampered with or vandalized. Additionally, with no way to sterilize the bottle, contamination is a very real possibility.

The Water Stop kiosks addressed all of these problems easily. The choice of pre-filled water cards or pre-authorized bank withdrawal provided customers with immediate access to high quality water on a non-cash basis. The facilities are kept locked to avoid tampering and vandalism, but the water card allows customers immediate access. Sterilize the bottle in a convenient ozone impregnated spray fixture, insert the bottle into the dispenser, present the water card and voila! 5 gallons of great tasting reverse osmosis water in only 25 seconds! And for only $2.00; anytime! The public made the program a resounding success in short order. Requests by some who had difficulty handling the large 18.9 litre bottles resulted in a software rewrite to allow filling of smaller 11.35 litre bottles for only $1.25. Again this proved to be very popular.

Some have wondered how the water is made. The process involves removing all heavy non-organic mineral, followed by seven stages of filtration for the removal of all suspended particles down to less than one micron in size.(A micron is a measurement equal to one millionth of a meter) The water then passes though a double pass commercial reverse osmosis system, the post carbon filtration, and finally to storage. When the dispenser is activated, the water passes through a large commercial Ultraviolet sterilizer before filling the customer`s bottle. The water is Department of Health tested every week to assure purity.

With the present three locations, Water Stop kiosks dispense approximately 3,000,000 litres of pure water annually.