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About The Water Stop

The Water Stop Inc. is a full service water treatment and water vending company, serving Midland, Barrie and surrounding areas for over 26 years. A dealer for Kinetico Canada, the leading brand in high efficiency-non electric water purification systems. We pride ourselves in saying that there isn't any water that we can't fix and stand behind that with a 1 year money back guarantee.

However what we are most famous for is our UNIQUE, 24 hour card access water vending kiosk.

We sell reverse osmosis water $2.00 per 18.9L bottle. Our kiosk are designed to bring our customers the highest quality, greatest convenience at the lowest price!


We entered the water treatment industry in 1988 selling DOLFYN water distillation systems for home use. Inquiries from customers about other forms of water treatment prompted us to acquire the necessary training and expertise to properly sell and service every type of water treatment system.

In 1993 we began to learn about KINETICO water treatment systems and we were so intrigued by the superiority of KINECTICO engineering, and the quality of their products, that we subsequently became a KINETICO dealer. It would later prove to be the best move we had ever made, and so we have stayed on that same path ever since.