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24 Hour Access to Clean Water

U-Fill Water Kiosks ONLY available at The Water Stop!

Our 24 Hour Water Kiosks provide you with access at any time to clean, reverse osmosis "Fill-Your-Own" water for only $2.00 per 18.9L bottle! Our outdoor kiosks are accessible 24hours a day through your Water Stop Card


Pre-Paid  Water Plan Prices*

No lineups! Anytime access!



Pay As You Go Water Prices*

*Prices may vary. Please contact us for more information.

*$5.00 refundable deposit on card


24 Hour Water Access, No Coins or Cash, Sterilizer in Kiosk, Caps Dispensed in Kiosk, Re-Load Card in Kiosk (Visa or MasterCard),Card Balance Reader!